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GRR #94 JOCELYN BRIGGS (Hardrock 100 to The Divide 200) GottaRunPodcast

Jocelyn Briggs is a personal trainer, coach and ultrarunner living in Whitby, Ontario.

We met her when she volunteered at our Fiddle50 event this past June and learned that she would soon be taking on the iconic Hardrock 100 miler after earning her final ticket (after several years of trying) at the Bigfoot 200.

After the highs and lows of Hardrock 100, she had a secret 200 race planned in her back pocket; the inaugural The Divide 200 taking place in September in the Canadian Rockies.

Jocelyn describes how her love for running and goal setting has evolved after going through many changes to her body, mindset and training strategies.

What’s next on her bucket list? Tune in to find out!

We chat about all this and more.

Here is Jocelyn…

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