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GRR #69 MEGHAN MORGAN (Black Canyon Golden Ticket Winner) GottaRunRacing Podcast

If you haven’t yet heard the name Meghan Morgan, it won’t be long before she becomes a regular on the ultra podium.

Meghan started running with her mom as a middle-schooler, and completed the Boston Marathon at the ripe age of 17.

When she switched over to the trails, she set her sights on a Western States Golden Ticket almost immediately with attempts at Bandera 100K (4th)  and The Canyons 100K (8th) in 2022.

She put on an impressive performance at Black Canyon 2023 and earned that ticket to the big show with a third place finish.

Meghan’s flexibility to alter her race plans and determination make her an exciting runner to watch, we can’t wait to see her in Auburn this June!

Here is Meghan..


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