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GRR #66 PAUL READER (His Journey from Hurt to Western States) GottaRunRacing Podcast

Paul Reader has an extensive running career with over 20 road marathons, 64 ultras and a previous WSER finish.

Watching the WSER Lottery live stream this past December, you couldn’t miss Paul as he anxiously awaited hearing his name to be called after 8 long years. With every name pulled from the United Kingdom, there was Paul waving the Union Jack until finally, his name was drawn during the waitlist. 

He recently attempted Hurt 100 for the fourth time, and we don’t hesitate to get down to business chatting about that experience. 

Paul resides in a vibrant ultrarunning community that boasts many epic races by CENTURION RUNNING; he fills us on that series and all his ticket races for Western States 100.

Here is Paul…


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