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GRR #65 JENNY QUILTY (Winner of Doi Inthanon 100) GottaRunRacing

Jenny Quilty runner and coach has been on the ultra scene for a few years now. She has made some big appearances on Canadian podiums having won the Squamish 50/50 challenge outright in 2019, 2nd female at the Canadian Death Race in 2021 and first at Ultra Trail Harricana that same year.

She recently secured a Golden Ticket at Western States 100 and a spot at UTMB by winning the Doi Inthanon 100 miler, her first attempt at that distance, in Thailand this past December.

Jenny and her friend and business partner, Katrina, coach fellow trail runners and offer retreats and workshops in stunning British Columbia, check them out at Pacific Pine Running Co.

She and her life partner Matt also host a fun and inspiring YouTube Channel called RUN IT!

Here is Jenny…

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