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GRR #61 AMANDA NELSON (Last Woman Standing at World Backyard Ultra) GottaRunRacing

It’s hard to imagine that Amanda Nelson from Woodstock, Ontario started her ultra journey only two short years ago as she’s accomplished so much already! 

She is the current Canadian female record holder in the 12 hour (with 134 km) and the 100-mile in 14hrs 45min, both achieved at the Survivorfest Ultra in Alberta.

Her 33 hrs at Persistence Ultra earned her a spot on the Canadian roster for the World Team Backyard Championship where she became the last female standing with a total of 55 hours / 368.83 km, 

Amanda will attempt to break the Canadian 24 hour record in December at Desert Solstice in Arizona where she will toe the line with the likes of Camille Herron.

All this while being a full time Mom and part time dairy farm worker.

Here is Amanda…


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