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GRR #51 JASON KOOMEN (Fifty 100 Milers in Fifty States) GottaRunRacing

Jason Koomen, a Canadian living in the US has been on a quest to complete fifty 100 milers in fifty States. He just completed race # 32 in Vermont at the Vermont 100.

He started this journey in 2014 with Burning River 100 in his home State of Ohio. We met him at the start line of Western States 100 in June and after speaking with him for only a few short moments, we knew we wanted to hear more!

He has chosen some epic races like Hurt 100 in HI the Salt Flats 100 in UT, and Ozark Tr 100 in MO, and several others in this chat.

Here is Jason Koomen…


You can follow Jason on Instagram here : nemook27


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