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GRR #43 ROHAN AURORA (His Two Year Journey to Western States 100) GottaRunRacing

Rohan Aurora was a hiker before becoming an ultra runner.  He made the switch when his virtual hiking guru, Andrew Skurka, an American professional backpacker, came in second in the Run Rabbit Run race.  After reading about Andrew’s journey in this event, Rohan felt he needed to learn more about the ultra scene. 

From there Rohan has never looked back completing races like the Mogollon Monster 100k, Lone Star 100k, and Kodiak Ultra 100 just to name a few. 

We chat to Rohan about all this and his two Western States 100 ticket races at The Georgia Death Race and his two Hurt 100 DNFs.  All this and more. 

Here is Rohan…


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