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GRR #41 KEVIN MACKINNON (Marathon Des Sables Part 1) GottaRunRacing

Kevin MacKinnon For over 30 years Kevin has been coaching triathletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers, helping both international stars and age group competitors reach their own level of personal excellence. 

Since retiring from a nine-year career as a professional triathlete, Kevin has also become one of triathlon’s busiest journalists. He has worked as the Communications Director of Ironman North America, the Editor in Chief of Ironman and is the founding editor of Triathlon Magazine Canada. In addition to his journalism work he is one of Canada’s premier race announcers.  

Kevin recently covered the 2022 edition of the Marathon Des Sables stage race in Morocco and we were able to get his take on what it was like behind the scenes.  We chat with Kevin about what it took just getting to MDS and covering his first Ultra Marathon.  

Here is Kevin…


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Kevin Mackinnon coaching :


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