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GRR #40 JAZMINE LOWTHER (The Canyons 100k Champion) GottaRunRacing

Jazmine Lowther of Nelson, BC fresh off of her Golden Ticket win at The Canyons 100, chats with us about her short yet epic journey as an ultra runner.

With a history deep in endurance sports including alpine climbing, skiing and soccer, Jazmine is relatively new on the scene but has already carved out an impressive place at races such as Run Rabbit Run and Chuckanut 50k.

To her utter disbelief, she led the women at Canyons off the start and never let it go. She went into the race believing that the Golden Ticket for Western States was for a 2023 entry and learned afterwards that she would be again toeing the line in California in just over 2 months!

Before that, Jazmine is taking on an Everest Challenge – achieving vert in excess of 9,000 metres, in the hopes of raising $1000 or more for one of her favourite causes, protecting the ecosystems where she lives and trains. You can support her efforts by donating and/or joining her! More information here:


You can follow Jazmine on Instagram here – jazminerosalynn

Jazmines Everest Challenge here – Everest Challenge


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