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GRR #35 AYTUG CELIKBAS (His Four Year Journey to Western States 100) GottaRunRacing

Aytug Celikbas (pronounced I-2) starting running to lose weight with a couch to 5K program.  He quickly progressed to the half, full and beyond. 

He started running the ultra distance in his home country of Turkey at the Cappadocia Ultra Trail and after that race, he was hooked.  From there he went on to longer and harder ultras like the Iznik Ultra and Lavaredo Ultra Trail.

After moving to Canada in 2017, Aytug  began working on tickets for Western States 100 at UTMB, Cruel Jewel 100, and Ultra-Trail Harricana in Quebec.  

Aytug never dreamt that his name would be drawn so soon in the WS lottery but he is excited to be heading to the start line at Western. 

Here is Aytug Celikbas…


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