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GRR #31 / MARIANNE HOGAN (Bandera 100k Golden Ticket Winner) GottaRunRacing

MARIANNE HOGAN, a Quebec resident, started running trails when she moved to Colorado after running track for and graduating from San Diego State University.  From there she went on to win the mixed team Transalpine-Run Stage race in 2017 with Mathieu Blanchard (who came third at 2021 UTMB).

Then Marianne’s running career came to a dramatic halt when she broke her leg on the trails and a long recovery followed. We chat with Marianne about her injury and how she switched sports; becoming a guide runner for Triathlete Jessica Tuomela at the Paralympics. As well as her triumphant return to trail running with her Golden Ticket win at Bandera 100k.

Here is Marianne…


You can follow Marianne on Instagram here : @marianneinbedford


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