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GRR #29 LEO FUNG (His Seven Year Journey to Western States 100) GottaRunRacing

Welcome to GRR Podcast Season 2

We start off Season 2 with our Canadian Trail to Western States Series with Leo Fung.

Leo Fung started his Western States 100 journey without even knowing it.  

He entered The Canadian Death race back in 2014 when his company signed him up to just do a leg.  Then when his co-workers backed out he decided to take on The Death Race solo, earning him his first ticket to WS100. 

From there he took on other big ticket races like UTMB, Fat Dog, Javelina just to name a few.  

After 7 years of tickets, plus the pandemic lockdown, his name was finally pulled from the lottery in 2021.

Here is Leo Fung…


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