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GRR #24 RYAN VAN DUZER (Get Out There / Duzer TV) GottaRunRacing

Ryan Van Duzer (DuzerTV) host/content creator/motivational speaker is all about inspiring people to get off the couch and explore this beautiful planet. He has appeared on the Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, Men’s Journal, National Geographic and many other national outlets.

It all started when he rode his bike 4000 miles from Honduras to Boulder, Colorado after a volunteer mission.  That ride kicked off an incredible quest to explore the world on two wheels. He also loves to run and has completed the Javelina 100 3xs and more recently,  Leadville 100. He is one of the OG YouTuber’s and has documented his adventures on his channel @DuzerTV

Here is Ryan Van Duzer!


You can follow Ryan on Instagram here : duzer

Ryan Van Duzer’s website : duzertv


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