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GRR #23 BEV ANDERSON-ABBS (Last Woman Standing At The Barkley Marathons) GottaRunRacing

Where do we begin with Beverley Anderson-Abbs?

Her 198 trophies on UltraSignup gives you an indication of what type of athlete she is but during our chat we narrowed it down to some specific races that really put her name out there.

We discuss how her knee injuries almost kept her off many a start line, about her early days as an adventure racer and experiences at Eco-Challenge and Primal Quest and her 4 top place finishes at Western States 100. Not to mention her grand slam attempt, and of course The Barkley Marathons, and her latest win at The Last Annual Heart of the South Road Race in 2020; a race that is 326 miles in length.    

Here is Beverley Anderson-Abbs.  


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