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GRR #21 / Carlotta James (THE MONARCH ULTRA) GottaRunRacing

Carlotta James, Project Director / Co-founder of The Monarch Ultra

The dream of runners and monarch butterflies on a journey together came to Carlotta while running along forest trails in Peterborough, Ontario in 2016. Since then, Carlotta has been working tirelessly with the Monarch Ultra team to create an ultra marathon as a call to action towards environmental protection and monarch conservation. She is passionate about running, exploring wild spaces around the world, and connecting with the natural world. 

In this podcast, we chat with Carlotta about the 2019 relay run where a team of ultra runners, filmmakers and pollinator advocates followed the flight of the monarch butterfly by running the same distance of 4,300km (2,671 miles) from southern Ontario to central Mexico and what the 1,800km relay run for 2021 will look like.


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