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GRR #16 / AILSA MACDONALD (2xs 100 Mile Winner, 2xs Ironman Winner) GottaRunRacing

Ailsa Macdonald is no stranger to endurance sports.  She began competing in Triathlons in her early 20s and went on to win the Canadian National Ironman in 2018 and Ironman Santa Rosa 2019.
Before that, she tried her hand at ultra running and in 2017 she won both the Canadian National 50k race and was the first winner overall at the Canadian National 100 miler at Sinister 7.
Her road to Western States started when she won the Black Canyon 100k beating Courtney Dauwalter to earn her a Golden Ticket in 2018.
Things didn’t go to plan at WS100 2018 so she earned her second Golden Ticket with a win at Bandera 100k in 2020 and winning Tarewara 2020. 
Now she waits to cash in that Golden Ticket for WS100 2022.
Here is her story..    


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