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GRP #82 ROBBIE BRITTON (New British 24hr record 277km) GottaRunPodcast

Ultrarunner and coach Robbie Britton recently broke the 24-hour British record which has stood since 1982!  He covered a distance of 277.439 km in a  24-hour continuous race, involving laps of Ruffini Park, in Turin. He gives us insight on how he was able to achieve this amazing feat.

His thirst for adventure has led him on some incredible journeys including a 650km record breaking crossing from north to south of Jordan with fellow British ultra runner Dan Lawson in 2019.  The film Lost Dogs & Englishmen captures this adventure perfectly.

We talk about his book 1001 Running Tips for every runner (a must read!) and we discuss the excitement building around the World Mountain and Trail running championships in Austria later this week.

All this and more, here is Robbie…

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