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GRP #101 CLAIRE HESLOP (One Incredible Year) GottaRunRacing Podcast

On this episode, we, have Dr. Claire Heslop, an emergency physician in our home city of Toronto.

We became aware of Claire after her amazing performance at Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc as the top Canadian in 2021.

She has competed in some pretty amazing races including the Ultra Mirage in Tunisia, MIUT Madeira, Bigfoot 200, Moab 240 and The Track in Australia – 520KM stage race in 2017.

2023 has been a big year for her, racing at Transgrancanaria (for the fourth time), UTMB (also for the 4th time finishing 11th) and recently finishing Kullamannen 100 in Sweden.  

We chat about all this and her view on being a sponsored ultra runner in this sport.

Here is Claire…

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